Who are we?

New Harvest Fellowship is committed to preaching the Gospel to all. We are a multi-cultural church. Come and experience God’s presence through His word, through worship and prayer. Our focus is in building stronger families and a relationship with God. Here at New Harvest we are more than a church, we are a family. This church was established over 116 years ago. The building was used as a resource for school and as a church at the same time. This church has truly been a huge impact in our community. We believe God will continue to use this ministry to reach out to all those who have not yet come to know Him. God has richly blessed our group as we share and grow in God’s grace together.  We are committed to know God more and make Him known to all.

Our Pastors

Eli and Sarahi Martinez are currently serving as senior pastors at New Harvest Fellowship. God has placed a great anointing over their lives and they are being used to deliver the gospel to all. Eli and Sarahi are currently students at Claremont School of Theology in California. Both have a heart for communicating God’s message of love to people. Eli and Sarahi have been married for 10 years and have a beautiful family, Elijah 8, Jeremiah Daniel 6, Isaac 4. They enjoy spending time together from going to the park to watching movies together. They love outdoor activities, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and football. They are a musical family; the kids are starting to pick up after their parents musical talents.

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Ministries To Get Involved In:

Men’s Group- An opportunity for men to come a hang out together as we study God’s word which will help men to become the Godly man God intended men to be.  We live in a world where men have forgotten their roles as fathers and husbands and this ministry will help you take that role back and men will learn how to lead their families in a loving way.

Women’s Group- Throughout the bible we see how God has used women over and over again.  And He continues to do that today.   Women have been the ones who have picked up the men’s slacked behavior and the last years across our nations not just at churches but in the labor area as well.  But women also need to be encouraged, so we have created this space for women to come together to encouraged each other pray for each other and let God’s word be their strength.

NHF Youth- our youth group is always going to different youth events from camps to youth conferences.  They love going to concerts where they can worship God like Lacrae.

Children ministries- We have Sunday school classes for all ages every Sunday.  We have certified teachers who have all gone through our Safe Ministry policies which includes a background check through the state of Wa.  So you can feel safe that your children are not just safe but really learning about Jesus.

KidZone- Every Thursday we have this time where kids can come and learn how to play outdoor activities or just simply watch a movie with popcorn or pizza.  It is great to hear how people are coming to church because kids are having too much fun.

New Harvest Fellowship Tech Team- This team is in charge of all the media at the church.  They do all from radio broadcasting to videos for our website.  Our tech team is always looking for different ways to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Maybe you have always wanted to either learn to record either video or audio, through this tech team you will get the experience you need to get rolling with that.

Gerardo and Marisela


Isaac and Maria


They were born in Durango Mexico. Recently Gerardo and Marisela retired as pastors. They served as pastors for over 25 years. They are parents to four now young adults who all play huge roles at New Harvest Fellowship.  Gerardo helps lead small groups and also is the church’s Men’s Director. Marisela is a Sunday school teacher for kids ages 3-6 and really enjoys leading children to Jesus, “we enjoy being part of this congregation.

They have been married for 14 years and have an amazing family; Isaac Ivan Espinoza (15), Anna Espinoza (12), Emiliano Maximo Espinoza (7 months), Maria Julia Mendoza (12), Raul Gilberto Mendoza (11), Jonoe Mendoza( 9). Isaac is chairperson to the trustee committee and is also the New Harvest Fellowship sound engineer.  Maria has recently step into the role of being the New Harvest Fellowship Treasurer. They are both grateful to be part of New Harvest Fellowship and love to bring new ideas to the team.

Juan and Gloria


Pedro  and Juanita


They have been married for 29 years. They have been blessed with 4 boys, the two older ones are married and also are part of the Church, Nemer (16) and Amir (12) are active with the New Harvest Fellowship youth group.  Both Juan and Gloria form part of the trustees committee and both help in all that they can.  Even though they have faced trial and tribulations, they have remained faithful and it is amazing to see what God has done in their lives and how they now lead others to Jesus.

They recently celebrated their 50th year anniversary at the New Harvest Fellowship. Juanita was born in San Juan Texas moved to Toppenish when she was 2 weeks old. She had no idea what God had in store for her. New Harvest is greatly blessed by her gifts and talents; she is an encouragement to all the women at Church.  Juanita forms part of the SPR committee, finance team, and teaches a Sunday school class for kids ages 7-9.  Juanita is also the women’s director and leads women’s bible studies and events for The New Harvest Fellowship women.

Leo and Lucia


Brenda Martinez


They have been married for 10 years and have two beautiful children, Nicolas (4) and Andrea (1).  They enjoy sitting together for meals especially pancakes!  “Nico loves them.”  Leo forms part of the trustee committee and also is involved with the worship team at the church.  Lucia is The New Harvest Fellowship activities coordinator.  They love attending NHF and how family oriented it is. They love brining new ideas and look for ways to better serve New Harvest Fellowship.

For more info call Office 509-941-3040

Ruben Martinez

-Media or Tech

For more info call Office 509-941-3040

Come and see what God has in store for you, and be part of this amazing group, a place where you will fit in just as you are.

New Harvest Fellowship is more than a church, it’s a family. Experience God’s power in your life and let the peace and love of God fill your life with happiness. A place where you can worship, a place you can call home.

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